With the Right Teacher and Programming Course,
Anyone Can Learn to Program.

But I Don't Think I'm Smart Enough

Tim Buchalka has taught over 40,000 using this same online approach.

He'll tell you, "Programming is like everthing else. You need the right instructor with the right program specialized in teaching the essentials in a way beginners can learn it."

See for you yourself how straight-forward it can be. Prove to yourself how easy the video course is to follow. You'll be building your first two Android device applications in three hours.

  • Install and configure your programming environment
  • Set up your test environment (You don't need an Android device)
  • Build two Android device applications
  • Interact with others in our online community

Test drive the first 5 chapters of Tim's complete Android application programming course and see for yourself that you can do it. Give it a try and see.

What students are saying about the instructor and this Android app development course


Up to now I am happy with my decision to join this course. I really like how Tim is explaining each step in creating of an android application.


It's a fabulous course, darling. Mr. Buchalka goes through everything in a step by step, orderly process, and it is rather easy to refer back to.


Awesome going so far... Doesn't get boring. If you want to learn this is the best way! Thanks Tim!


Fantastic job. Doesn't take long to get into real applications like downloading data from the internet, etc. Explains things as he goes, and is incredibly active in adding new content, responding to comments, etc. One of the best on Udemy.


Tim talks a lot. I mean that in a good way. he explains lectures thoroughly. Worth every penny taking this course!!!


It takes a lot of passion, patience and perseverance to make videos like this . I was quite frustrated ( still am ) that even after years of occasional hard work, I was not able to make head or tail out of android. Now I am slowly grasping the basics.


The instructor gives understandable and precise introduction on the topic. It is worth to have this course.


Excellent, clearly explained content. Tim is making the best of a difficult situation, where Google are constantly changing things - he does well keeping up with these rapid changes.

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