Frequently Asked Questions

Many students tell us the price seems to good to be true. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible to become programmers, and with Udemy’s help we are reaching hundreds of thousands of students and are able to keep prices at rock bottom as a result.

Most of our courses are aimed at people new to programming. In general, we would recommend you consider our Python, Java, C++ and C courses as the best courses to start if you have no previous programming exposure.

Yes. There is a Questions and Answers section in each course where you can leave questions and get them answered in a timely manner by course instructors!

You have lifetime access to the course!

No, there’s no time limit. You can work at your own pace.

Udemy provide a certificate of completion once you complete any course.

The prices here are absolute rock bottom – it’s simply not possible for you to buy the courses cheaper anywhere else.

All course purchases are complete risk free for you. Udemy offer a 30 day no questions asked refund on any course purchases. Enroll in confidence knowing you have that option if you need it.

Books get out of date really quickly. A great book today, may be a poor choice tomorrow as technology updates. For that reason, and also because our courses are designed to teach you what you need to know without need

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